Card Clumping

Unibet online gaming review: If there is one thing that is guaranteed to get under the skin of a Blackjack card counter it is an ineffective shuffle. But what exactly is an ineffective shuffle from the perspective of a card counter?

Essentially, it is a shuffle that involves creates a process known as card clumping. A sight that will make a card counter repel as if he has just seen bone peek through the skin, and yet an average person would believe the shuffle is thorough. Let’s examine why this is such an important principle.

In order for card counting to be a successful practice, it relies on the random ordering of the cards. This allows a low count to determine that a higher percentage of low cards are due out of the deck, and vice versa. If you remove this randomness you make the count too erratic and therefore unreliable.

One of the biggest problems that card counters face is when new decks are introduced into the game. Some dealers fan all of the cards across the table before shuffling them, and it has been proven that this method of shuffling will result in card clumping. Effectively, cards of the same suit - and close in rank - will be clumped together.

This is such a problem for the card counter that there have even been allegations made that casinos shuffle this way deliberately. Advice has even been given to skip the first four or five shoes of a new shift, at certain casinos where this practice is evident.

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